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     Founded by a public education applied STEM curriculum & athletics director, OPTIMUM is an online, adult, academic institute studying, discussing & applying the cutting edge of science, philosophy, art, fitness & athletics so that we can reach our optimum potential. Our member projects & collaborations are voluntary and conducted through our online private forum, private daily Zoom discussions and collaborative programs. You can find answers to frequently asked questions, here.   

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     At OPTIMUM Academic Institute we recognize the value of conversation for self-directed education. Our members are invited to participate in our private, daily group Zooms to study, discussion & explore a different question each day such as, "What is time?", "Why do we dream?", or "What is the best way to capture atmospheric carbon?". Our private community keeps out trolls and ensures that our only obligation is to our members, not to advertisers or data farms. 


     OPTIMUM Academic Institute was founded only a few years ago, and in that short time our programs have been liked, followed and, or joined by hundreds of thousands including NASA and FAANG engineers, historic colleges such as Goddard, world-renowned academics such as Dr. Stephen Wolfram, celebrated health professionals such as David "Dr. Drew" Pinksky, athletes such as the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, entertainers such as David Arquette & so many more. We would be honored for you to join us. 

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     OPTIMUM Academic Institute has three founding departments: OPTIMUM Study, OPTIMUM Studios & OPTIMUM Athletics. At OPTIMUM Study we use cutting edge science & philosophy to explore the deepest questions of "life, the Universe & everything". OPTIMUM Studios is our officially licensed Oculus Meta virtual reality studio. OPTIMUM Athletics is our sports fitness program & equipment provider utilized by the NFL, PE Teachers of the Year, US Military Bases & active groups worldwide.    


     It was Isaac Newton who said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants". At OPTIMUM Academic Institute we research, discuss & apply the work of history's best & brightest to achieve groundbreaking innovation; for example, we are the first to simulate the 4 fundamental forces of physics from 1 equation. At OPTIMUM Academic Institute our exploration is only limited by our members' imaginations.  

Like all scientific theory, our theory of everything may be wrong in part or total and is revised when needed.


     Members at OPTIMUM Academic Institute are welcome to contribute to our official Oculus Meta virtual reality studio, OPTIMUM Studios, while learning through first hand experience at the cutting edge of technology. No prior experience with coding, game development or virtual reality is required to participate (we can teach you how) & your level of involvement at OPTIMUM Studios is up to you. Members equally split any income generated by OPTIMUM Studios simulations. Want to get your foot in the door of the rapidly growing virtual reality industry? Here's your chance.  


     OPTIMUM Athletics™ is an American equipment provider & sports fitness program utilized in the NFL, by U.S. Military bases, P.E. Teachers of the Year & thousands of schools, clubs & active groups worldwide. Members at OPTIMUM Academic Institute can earn their certification to be an officially licensed OPTIMUM Athletics™ coach so they can found their own OPTIMUM club or gym & earn commission by selling OPTIMUM Athletics™ equipment.

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     Membership at OPTIMUM Academic Institute includes our voluntary, private daily group Zoom chats; access to our private member forum; partnership of our officially licensed Oculus Meta virtual reality studio, OPTIMUM Studios; our voluntary OPTIMUM Athletics Coach Certification Program & licensed OPTIMUM Athletics sales associate program. 

     Membership at OPTIMUM Academic Institute can be canceled at anytime.