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     Welcome to the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study! We are an online, adult, modern academic institute that was inspired by TED Talks & founded to help people reach their optimum potential through the arts, sciences, athletics & philosophy. At Optimum Institute we don't tell our members what to think or do - we trust them to follow their own logic and reasoning & our membership system ensures that only real people participate, not trolls or bots.

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     In 2019, Optimum Institute became - to our knowledge - the first to simulate the 4 fundamental forces of physics from 1 equation, often called "the unified theory of everything". Our model went viral & within a year people like Dr. Stephen Wolfram (who has called our work "cool") and Eric Weinstein were releasing their own unified theories of everything. Our theory of everything is so elegant it can be simulated in a matrix calculator like Microsoft Excel, seen here. Hundreds have programmed our unified equation for themselves & you can too!

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     Members at the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study are encouraged, but not required, to join or start an Optimum project. Optimum projects include working at our officially licensed Oculus Meta virtual reality studio, Optimum Studios, creating NFTs & developing fundamental physics simulations. If something interests you, there is a good chance you can incorporate it into the world of Optimum through an Optimum Project!  

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     Members at the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study are encouraged to use their real faces & names on our voluntary, private community forum and during our private daily group Zoom chats with Gary Lee where we discuss the cutting edge of the arts, sciences & philosophy. our private community keeps out trolls and ensures that our only obligation at Optimum Institute is to our members, not to advertisers or data farms like at "free" and anonymous online public forums.    

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     Membership at Optimum Institute includes our ground breaking & voluntary course, The Optimum Theory of Life, the Universe & Everything, which starts from first principles physics and works its way through first principles biology, cognition, social systems, advanced technologies & more. Members are never required to agree with Optimum Theory, and may even debate its principles; however, members who can prove they understand the theory - even in disagreement - will be become Certified Optimists of the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study. 


     Optimum Athletics™ at the Optimum Institute is an equipment provider & program used by the NFL, U.S. Military bases, P.E. Teachers of the Year & thousands of schools, clubs & active groups worldwide. Members at Optimum Institute can earn their certification to be an officially licensed Optimum Athletics™ coach & commissioned seller of Optimum Athletics™ equipment - made in the USA.