QUESTION: What is OPTIMUM Academic Institute?

ANSWER: OPTIMUM Academic Institute is an online, adult academic institute founded in 2019 by Gary Lee Lebby a public school applied STEM curriculum & athletics director. Gary founded OPTIMUM Academic Institute after being inspired by a TED Talk that encouraged the development of new academic models. The idea is simple: to study, discuss & explore new developments in the sciences, philosophy, arts, fitness & athletics as they happen in real-time using the tools available through the connected internet. The idea is timeless: OPTIMUM Academic Institute is fundamentally inspired by Plato's original Academy reimagined for the online age, a place for adults to study, discuss & explore "life, the Universe & everything" as Douglas Adams famously put it. 

QUESTION: Is OPTIMUM Academic Institute a religious institute?

ANSWER: No. OPTIMUM Academic Institute explores big questions in science & philosophy but is not a religious institute, and agreement with the theories & ideas discussed at OPTIMUM Academic Institute is not required to maintain membership. Although OPTIMUM Academic Institute is not a religious institute we do not discriminate & the faithful are welcome to join.

QUESTION: I saw so-and-so online "trolling" OPTIMUM Academic Institute, do you have any comments?

ANSWER: We don't like to "feed the trolls", but as you know, anyone can say anything online and so while the internet has no shortage of trolls, conspiracy theorists, and hateful & bitter people who spread lies, misinformation & cast wild and unfounded accusations, we backup what we say at OPTIMUM Academic Institute. If you have any questions about the credibility of our institute or leadership, or about who we are or what we do, you can always contact us: no questions are off the table, and we can provide detailed proof of our claims. Furthermore, animosity toward academics & academia has existed since its founding: since Socrates was forced to drink hemlock for teaching philosophy, to Plato being forced into exile and then later founding the world's first academy which was accused of being a cult, to Galileo imprisoned for correctly teaching that the Earth rotates the Sun, to anti-science and anti-philosophy movements that are gaining traction in our modern day and often have powerful advocates; for example, The Washington Post recently ran an article with the headline, "Academia is a Cult". Having over 50,000 Followers on social media, like we do, includes drawing the attention of trolls & fringe conspiracy theorists who occasionally accuse the projects we present of being fake, such as the OpenWorm project which is not only real, but is contributed to by thousands of academics worldwide. The open internet is a "double-edged sword"; on one hand it allows innovative & worthwhile ideas to be spread far and wide by people with good intentions who were previously unable to be heard, and on the other hand it enables malicious intent by people acting with bad will, bad faith & bad intentions. But even with so much negativity in the world we continue our work anyway because betterment through better understanding is how we stay positive. That's optimum.                

QUESTION: Why does your academic institute cost money? 


ANSWER: There are many costs associated with operating OPTIMUM Academic Institute. All academic institutes, journal subscriptions, online communities, textbooks, etc... have costs associated, and so do we. We are not publicly funded and so we have to charge a membership fee. Scholarships may be granted on a request basis and at our discretion. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

QUESTION: How does OPTIMUM Academic Institute work? What is it like to be a member?


ANSWER: Gary personally hosts three courses, 5 days a week: OPTIMUM Study, OPTIMUM Studios and OPTIMUM Athletics. All three courses are online and participation is never mandatory. During OPTIMUM Study, members study & discuss a different question in the sciences & philosophy each day. OPTIMUM Studios is our officially licensed Oculus Meta VR studio, members are welcome to contribute to our VR work using Unity Teams which Gary can set you up with. No coding or game development experience is required to participate in OPTIMUM Studios, Gary can teach you how since we are also an academic institute. OPTIMUM Athletics is building real-world OPTIMUM franchises. Your membership includes the ability to found your own real-world OPTIMUM Athletics franchise. There are no additional costs to any of our programs other than the standard monthly membership dues. 

QUESTION: What virtual reality experiences are you developing at Optimum Studios?

ANSWER: The only limit is our members' imagination. Soon we will begin publishing our VR experiences, and members who choose to publish through Optimum Studios will keep 50% of the proceeds and the other 50% is split equally among the first 300 members of Optimum Academic Institute. This structure unifies our mission and allows our membership to be more sharing and open about their work since every member benefits from success while still primarily rewarding the member who most contributed to or directed the project.


QUESTION: What do you study at Optimum Study?


ANSWER: The only limit is our members' imagination within the realm of science, philosophy, the arts, fitness, athletics and what is legally allowed by U.S. law. Generally our study is mission focused toward our projects: the theory of everything, Optimum Studios & Optimum Athletics.

QUESTION: Can you summarize the OPTIMUM Theory of Everything?

ANSWER: Sure! But to preface, this is science & philosophy and the OPTIMUM Theory of Everything could all be wrong in part or total, but we try our best to get it right! When the theory is proven wrong we change it & we have revised the theory many times, and we could revise it many more. Furthermore, our members are never required to agree with the OPTIMUM Theory of Everything, and it's perfectly okay to think of the theory as simply a springboard for discussion - even in disagreement - or members don't have to think about the theory at all since there is no requirement to review or understand the OPTIMUM Theory of Everything to be a member at OPTIMUM Academic Institute. So what's the theory? The OPTIMUM Theory of Everything theorizes a completely logical, algorithmic and mathematical material universe of emergent complexity from the equation U = E / S: the Universe = EnergyMatter / SpaceTime. We have actually simulated this equation and a primary implication is that fundamental particle interaction is attraction & repulsion. When accelerating that simulated particle interaction we have been able to observe the emergence of simulated complex, cell like structures that have proven the capability for reproduction. OPTIMUM Theory then builds on those first principles to offer theoretical solutions to artificial general intelligence & much more! The OPTIMUM Theory of Everything is presented in a high quality 2+ hour long video.      

QUESTION: Why do you have a theory of everything?

ANSWER: So did Plato, and the theory of everything was the focus of Einstein's work. The theory of everything is a timeless academic concept with a deep history in the sciences & philosophy. The theory of everything is a spring-board for discussion, and even debate, at OPTIMUM Academic Institute. 

QUESTION: Has the Optimum Theory of Everything been peer reviewed?

ANSWER: Similar to Charles Darwin who sold his Origin of Species in popular bookshops, we have an open peer review model. What that means is that we welcome anyone to review our theories, not just elite academics. It is our philosophy at OPTIMUM Academic Institute that we are all born scientists, and we are all capable of contributing to scientific advancement.  

QUESTION: Tell me more about OPTIMUM Athletics franchises?

QUESTION: All members have the ability to found their own real-world OPTIMUM Athletics franchise after Zooming with Gary to earn their OPTIMUM Coach Certification - there is no extra cost involved other than your regular membership dues. OPTIMUM Athletics is unique, ground-breaking and centered around optimizing fitness & community through sports. Reach out to us to learn more.  

QUESTION: I read that members can earn commission by selling OPTIMUM Athletics equipment. Tell me more.

ANSWER: Whenever someone purchases OPTIMUM Athletics equipment we ask how they heard about us, if they heard from us through one of our members then that member will earn a high commission, sometimes several hundreds dollars from a single sale; in fact, a member can earn back their entire annual membership dues through a single OPTIMUM Athletics sale. One member will always earn commission from each sale of OPTIMUM Athletics equipment. If there was no specific referral then we vote during our regular Zoom discussions to determine which member should get the commission; the idea is that the member who did the most to promote OPTIMUM Athletics should earn the commission. Our finances are open to our membership so there is no confusion.