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     OPTIMUM Academic Institute is an online, adult, modern academic institute founded by an award winning, former U.S. public education applied STEM curriculum & athletics director.

     Members at OPTIMUM are adults, and we treat them like adults; members are not required to agree with OPTIMUM ideas, theory, leadership or programs, and all participation at OPTIMUM is entirely voluntary. Our membership system at OPTIMUM ensures that only real people participate, not trolls or bots.

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     Plato, arguably history's most influential thinker & the first academic, was a philosopher & athlete. Even his name was an athletic nickname meaning "broad". At OPTIMUM we agree with the academic philosophy that true fitness is of mind & body, and during the 2019-20 lockdowns we even began working to build our OPTIMUM Athletics program in virtual reality so that optimum full-body sports fitness can be achieved anywhere, even at home. 

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     Early work on OPTIMUM Championship began during the 2019-20 lockdowns to be a virtual reality version of our OPTIMUM Athletics equipment and program. Members at OPTIMUM Academic Institute will equally split any profits that comes out of OPTIMUM Championship & OPTIMUM Studios, and no prior programming experience is required since education is a part of our program at OPTIMUM Academic Institute.  

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     OPTIMUM Championship VR is being built around our groundbreaking real movement locomotion system. It's not a sports fitness videogame - it's a sports fitness simulation. To move in OPTIMUM Championship simply swing your arms like you do in real-life while walking or running; to jump, jump; to throw, make real-life throwing motions. OPTIMUM Championship is scheduled to release in 2023, and members at OPTIMUM are welcome to contribute to the project.


     Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.". What Newton meant was that he was only able to innovate by studying the work of those who came before him. At OPTIMUM Academic Institute we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We study the work of history's best & brightest to achieve some of the most groundbreaking innovations in the world. 

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     At OPTIMUM we know that everyone is born questioning, studying, analyzing, theorizing and improving their understanding through trial & error; being a scientist is not a certification or degree it is our innate state of being. The advanced theories we discuss at OPTIMUM are not always right, but the important thing is that we maintain that mindset of learning and discovery that we are all born with. At OPTIMUM we embrace our inner scientist.  

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     In 2019, OPTIMUM Academic Institute became, to our knowledge, the first to simulate the 4 fundamental forces of physics from 1 equation, i.e. the unified equation. Our model went viral & soon intellectual giants like Dr. Stephen Wolfram were releasing their own unified equations. Our equation is so elegant it can be simulated in a matrix calculator like Microsoft Excel; hundreds have programmed our unified equation & you can too!

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     What if the universe could be fully simulated? Our Theory of Everything builds on the scientific discoveries of the past to inspire new thought and discussion on the cutting edge of science & philosophy. While these theories could be proven wrong in part or total, and agreement with these theories is never required at OPTIMUM, if anything we hope it inspires lively discussion, debate and outside-the-box thinking. 

Like all scientific theory, Optimum Theory may be wrong in part or total and is revised when needed.


     The past 100 years were written by a few singular individuals - for better or worse. At OPTIMUM we recognize that the 21st century, powered by the connect internet, is being written by us, everyday people - we are the heroes of this timeline. At OPTIMUM we embrace our global, internet powered reach including the power of everyday people to create positive & lasting change.

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     It's simple: OPTIMUM is like a gym for the body & mind. OPTIMUM is an online, adult academic institute where we study, discuss & apply the arts, sciences, athletics & philosophy. We have an advanced science & philosophy program, an officially licensed Oculus Meta VR development studio, a world class athletic program & a private and welcoming community. Questions? Just ask!