www.Optimum.Center is a place where it is okay to ponder & study the big questions of life, the Universe & everything. Membership at www.Optimum.Center includes exclusive access to the Optimum Advanced Study 2-hour "video-textbook", The Optimum Theory of Everything, an exploration of all material reality from unified physics to the origin of life, consciousness, social & economic systems, advanced technologies and everything in-between. Members who can prove understanding of The Optimum Theory of Everything through video-chat with our team will be recognized as a Certified Optimist of Optimum Advanced Study.


     Plato said that the optimal citizen is fit of mind & body. As a member of www.Optimum.Center you will have exclusive access to our Optimum Fitness program which combines the best of sports and fitness into a program utilized by Super Bowl Champion NFL teams, U.S. Military Warrior Training programs & P.E. Teachers of the Year

     Members of www.Optimum.Center can freely interview to become a certified Optimum Fitness Coach for incorporation of Optimum Fitness into their franchised Optimum Program, Club or Center: an Optimum franchise is included with membership at www.Optimum.Center

What is Optimum? 

    We welcome you to join www.Optimum.Center! Called one of the world's most innovative online education communities, Liked by Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak & Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram Alpha among others. www.Optimum.Center is like an online (& offline) gym for logic, creativity & fitness: the first to simulate the 4 forces of physics from 1 equation, and utilized by millions including Super Bowl Champion NFL teams and the U.S. Military. Membership at www.Optimum.Center comes with access to our private community, research and your own franchise to build an Optimum Program, Club or Center in your local community! We are optimistic that you will join us! :-)


     Optimum Studios is a place for members of www.Optimum.Center to creatively express themselves, it is also a professionally licensed Oculus Virtual Reality development studio. 

     Our members have access to Optimum Studios for contribution and participation. 

     Optimum Studios' first projects are still in development so your membership now can have a huge effect on the direction we take our studios.